IHS claims that Google Glass materials costs $152

Referencing an IHS research, Wall Street Journal declares that the total cost of all Google Glass components is $152.47. It should be noted that this is not the first attempt to estimate the prime cost of this...


Ukrainian researchers launched a campaign on Kickstarter to gather money for MBLOK

Ukrainian development team, operating in Canada, launched a campaign on Kickstarter to gather money for MBLOK- a universal data storage. This device differs from other portable data storages with its unequalled...


Huawei new wireless standarts could run WiFi at 10 Gb Per Second

The New Wireless access standard 802.11ac- 2013 update will be released in 2015. The standard will provide 7 Gbps connection. However, the speeds of technological progress in this area are rapid, and the Chinese company...


Global server market has felt in 4,1%

According to Gather, the worldwide server market volume went down by 4.1 % to $ 11.4 billion in the first quarter of 2014. Analysts claimed that this component of the IT market has been declining for five consecutive...