Host originates from the university years of its founders. Three friends came together to pool their knowledge and apply them to real life.

Bithost company was founded in 2009 and has successfully established itself on the market. Provision of new services and solutions that fit the needs and budget of any person or company quickly became the company's mission, which is pretty soon become a reality.

Today, we have hundreds of servers in multiple data centers in Europe, and our attention is fully focused on steadily improving the quality of services and employees professionalism.

Our Core Values

Quality of product

Bithost has built infrastructure with the most advanced hardware from Dell.

Our experts regularly check servers operability and their components, update the software in a timely manner.

You can make heart transplant in our DC! So it clean.

And we guarantee 100% of uptime, that speaks for itself.

Super duper service

Customer is our God. We could end right here, in this place, but I want to tell more about the Support!

All our Support structure is built on four key bases:

- Time is money. We guarantee a response to your request within 60 minutes.

- The equipment does not know about the change of day and night. Ah, yes, Christmas is also not about it. A support 24/7/365. Only in this way and no other.

- There is always a risk of losing something important. Free automatic backup for all tariff plans.

- Aggressive marketing is annoying. We send only the most important news and notices.

Join us, we are awaiting for you!


Wе are all social and we need constant communication. What could be cooler than chat with friends or, for example, relatives?

Our team is confident that only one thing can contend, this is the Connection with like-minded people.

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